About Us


Our Mission

The Association of Independent Passenger Rail Operators (AIPRO) was established to actively promote the expansion of passenger rail service in the United States of America. Our core mission is to positively promote an understanding of the public benefits of our nation’s current passenger rail infrastructure, while seeking to proactively work with our partners in the industry to increase passenger rail opportunities through a dynamic and competitive marketplace.

The Issues

As U.S. highways becoming increasingly congested and fuel prices continue to rise, the fast and efficient movement of people and goods is vital to keeping the American economy moving in the right direction. While our freight railroads are the worldwide leader in goods movement, our passenger rail capacity and infrastructure could benefit from a new approach which leverages the expertise and financial power of the private sector in partnership with transportation authorities.

Our Strategy

AIPRO seeks to enact a passenger rail renaissance by encouraging common sense legislation in Congress, which will set comprehensive federal standards for competition and excellence in rail operations, while simultaneously providing the states with the freedom to better serve the unique needs of their citizens. AIPRO is committed to working with the states, track owning railroads, railroad labor, and all those with an interest in expanding passenger rail to craft the plan which will best promote this goal.

AIPRO is a 501(c)(6) non-profit trade association based in Washington, DC, governed by a Board of Directors.